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Shoulder Holster

Our shoulder holster is made from genuine real leather and is designed to protect your guns and money. It's perfect for a concealed vest or pistol. Our version also has a uniquegenuine real leather design for a unique and identity-dedicated carry.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holster for gun there are many different types of shoulder holster for your gun, but we would like to show you how to create your very own shoulder holster. We will be creating a simple shoulder holster called “the masseuse”. this shoulder holster will secret away your gun in one piece. It will have two straps that hold the gun on each side, and a third strap that goes over the shoulder. You can then wear the shoulder holster and/or your key ring or phone case. we hope this blog provides some help in creating your own shoulder holster. Stay safe and secure!

Shoulder Gun Holster

This shoulder gun holster is perfect for carrying your pistol in the right left hand side. It is made of high-quality materials and it will keep your pistol safe and easy to use. this gun shoulder holster for a pistol is perfect for carrying in your carry bag when you are out of your house. It is made from durable materials that will not let you down when in the field. This holster also features a gun on the shoulder, which makes it more convenient for when you need to carry your gun in public. our holsters offer two important features for gun owners. The first is a gun holster for shoulder, or should you need to carry your gun higher up on your body than average, our holsters offer a 2 in 1 tactical gun holster shoulder waist concealed carry pistol hand gun pouch. This makes it possible to holster your gun not only for a regular carry position, but also as a second carry position if you need to take your gun to a location where it would be difficult or impossible to carry it off your body while on the go. The holsters also come in different colors and styles, so you can find one that goes best with your personality and appearance. this gun holster has a comfortable, no-slip grip that makes it easy to carry your gun inside out or in half-moon shape. The double magazine pouch allows you to retain your gun while carrying, and the included pouch for the gun makes it easy to store the gun inside the holster.