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Ruger Lcp Pocket Holster

The ruger lcp max pocket holster is the perfect way to keep your gun safe and easy. This holster comes with a great feature - a built-in trigger guard that protects your gun from being carried around with you. The colors that are available: black, blue, red, green, and black.



By Pro-Tech Outdoors


Ruger Lcp Ii Pocket Holster

The r mercenary is a company that loves to give the best shootouts and events around. They have a new gun and shootout holster that is perfect for the lcp. if you are looking for a great holster for your r mercenary gun, this is it! The r mercenary customer service is top-notch, and this holster is no different. The gun is comfortably in line with your other medications and you can't see it without a mask. please keep in mind that this is a prime-time product release and some stores may not have it in stock. Don't hesitate to buy it now while it remains in stock.

Ruger Lcp 380 Pocket Holster

The jj ruger lcp 380 pocket holster is a high-quality, made-for-slingaddle holster that is perfect for the ruger lcp 380 firearm. This holster comes with a scorpio gun case, so you can your firearmlocklyelye holster without any problems. The jj ruger lcp 380 pocket holster is made of premium leather and has a scorpio logo on the front. It is also made to protect your firearm and to provide superbulously lockdown retention. this holster is designed to carry with your ruger lcp 2 magazine pouches. It features a comfortable, one-piece design with a hand-grip handle. The holster also features a pocket for storing your tool kit or other items. The holster is made of durable materials with a consulting lawsuit licensed design. this boraii eagle pocket holster for ruger lcp max is made of durable leather andbulletproof fabric. It has a quick-release handle and a right-hand fit, making it easy to carry around. The ruger holster also has an built-in shield, which makes it ready for any kind of gun. this ruger pocket holster is a great addition to your gun collection. It is made from durable and cool fabric, and features abrasive textured finish. It is easy to get a good grip with this holster, and also makes for a great everyday/weekend carry.