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Ruger Lcp 2 Ankle Holster

This is a very comfortable and easy to use ankle holster for ruger lcp380. It has a black appearance with dark blue straps. The ankle holster has two straps that go around your ankle and the mag pouch has a built-in mag well. The ankle holster also has a built-in light and an adjustable waistband. This concealed carry ankle gun holster is perfect for carry anywhere you go.

Ruger Lc9 Ankle Holster

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Ankle Holster For Ruger Lcp

This ankle holster for ruger lcp lets you carry your gun largely unholsterable areas of the shoe and clothing. The holster is tight fit with a counselors recommend for those who have certain responsibilities like putting up a fence or mopping floors. this nylon neoprene ankle holster is the perfect choice for the ruger lcp2. It is perfect for the outbound handgunner or the ankle-hugger. It is made from tough neoprene and is made to protect your ankle. The artery-targeting nips of the nylon neoprene areis make this holster a threat to anyone who tries to pull the trigger with their gun drawn. this us tacticaluniversal hand gun ankle holster is the perfect solution for your next gun. It is made of durable fabric and has a comfortable fit for your favorite gun. The mag pouch protects your gun from damage and is just right size to fit both the lcp and other devices. The only downside to this holster is that it might not be the best choice for someone with an average or large leg size. this ankle holster is perfect for those who want a concealed carry pouch that is universal in fit. With it, your gun will fit like a puzzle. The concealed carry pouch is also a great choice for those who are looking for a safe and secure way to carry their gun.