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Quick Draw Knife Holster

This skinning knife holster is perfect for the skinner combo! It has a comfortable, stylish design and an easy to use facilities. This knife holster is also built to protect your skin when you're skinning.

Best Quick Draw Knife Holster

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Quick Draw Knife Holster Amazon

This quick draw knife holster is a great way to keep your knife with you when you need it. The leather sheath is comfortable to wear and makes it easy to use. The quick draw holster also fits most knife blades. It is made from genuine leather and has a skinning knife with a black leather sheath. This sheath is perfect for carrying in your pocket, or in your hand. this quick draw knife holster comes with a leather sheath that you can fit any knife that you want. It is great for skinning this gun holster has a quick mag in it so you can keep your gun around without having to carry it around. The black is enters into condition with only a few small markings on the inside. The leather is condition with some small signs of wear. The hanger is in good condition. This is a great opportunity to get a new knife holder for your gun.