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Left Handed Shoulder Holster Glock 19

Thelefthandedshoulder holster is the perfect solution for those with vertical shoulderylights. It fits the glock19 gun and provides peace of mind for those who are not comfortable with taking their gun vertical.

Left Handed Shoulder Holster Glock 19 Target

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Top 10 Left Handed Shoulder Holster Glock 19

This left-handed shoulder holster for the glock 19 is made with a high-quality, made-to-order shirt sleeve pocket for the glock 19. The holster also includes a doublesazide mag cover to protect the glock 19. This holster is perfect for anyone that wants to keep their glock 19 safe and secure. the tagua premium leather shoulder holster is designed to provide superior protection and convenience for your glock 19. It has a rigid design that provides consistent fit and comfort, and a left-handed shoulder holster system that makes it easy to get on and off your gun. The tagua shoulder holster is also built to provide superior comfort and protection, features a leather-based material that is durable, and a left-handed shoulder holster system. It features a sturdy design that is made of durable materials. The double mag pouch offers extra space for your backup gun ( or othermington ammunition). It ismade from high-quality leather and features a urbane design. It is also comfortable to wear for left-handed people. The mini optic holster is quickly and easily created using the provided templates and tools, and offers a great way to keep your gun close and easy to your right pocket.