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Crimson Trace Rail Master Holster

The crimson trace rail master holster is an nylon owb holster with a fabric-covered heart-shaped holster at the rear. It provides a secure hold and allows for use with m&p and other large sig pins and nos accessories. The red and black design provides a visual contrast and the gun is shown twice- redundancy is provided. The kydex sheath is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Top 10 Crimson Trace Rail Master Holster

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Crimson Trace Rail Master Holster Amazon

This holster is made of nylon and owb. It has a comfortable grip and is made of durable materials. It has atrace rail system that helps you to track your progress in each direction. It is perfect for the fn five-seven. thisgunsite offers an unique nylon owb holster for the fn five-seven gun. The crimson trace rail master holster is made of nylon and it is perfect for the gun. It has an easy-to-use trace rail that makes it feel more like you're carrying a piece of hardware. The belt holster also has a great design that makes it feel stylish and like you're taking your gun somewhere special. this nylon owb holster will fit the fn five- seven with crimson trace rail master. It is made of 100% nylon, so it is sturdy and comfortable to wear. The gun is also equipped with an ridged handgrip, which makes it more difficult to grab and control. This holster comes with a red trace rail master, which is a reminder of the early days of the fn five- seven line of shooting crisply presentation. the crimson trace rail master holster is the perfect choice for those looking for an o-wobster belt holster that feels comfortable and looks great. This black and red design features a sturdy build with an easy-to-use webbing belt holster release. The crimson trace rail master holster is also compatible with thefn5 seventh's arms crimson trace group.