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Blackhawk Holster Springfield Xds

The blackhawk holster for the springfield xds is a great option for carrying your gun conceally. It fits well and comes with a springfield xds3 belt. The belt has a built-in carry loop and a comfortable fit. The blackhawk holster is sure to make you look great and make your carry easy and comfortable.

Blackhawk Holster Springfield Xds Ebay

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Blackhawk Holster Springfield Xds Walmart

The blackhawk cqc serpa holster fits springfield xds 410565bk-l left handed. This holster is made of durable materials to ensure a comfortable fit and promotes easy draw and action. The serpa holster also includes an adjustable mag release button, for added convenience. the blackhawk serpa conceal holster is the perfect option for the fan of issued carry who want to look good doing it. This holster comes with a great fit and features a natural look that will make you look like a hero. The black hawk holster has a comfortable 3. 3 rh 410565bk matte black finish. the blackhawk holster springfield xds is a high-quality iwb holster that is perfect for those looking for an innovative and reliable holster. This holster comes with an arc system that makes it easy to get yourgunlocator on, while the urban gray color is perfect for any shirt or shirtless condition. the blackhawk serpa right hand holster is designed to protect your right hand while carrying your gun. It features a strong, lightweight strap and a water-resistant finish to make it difficult for burglars to steal your gun.