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Blackhawk Drop Leg Holster Glock 19

The blackhawk drop leg holster is the perfect addition to your glock 17-19-22-23-31-32 rh. It is made from precision-made materials and is sure to make your gun look like a tracked opponent. The holster includes a drop leg holster design that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Top 10 Blackhawk Drop Leg Holster Glock 19

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Blackhawk Drop Leg Holster Glock 19 Ebay

The blackhawk drop leg holster is a level 2 holster for the glock 19. It has a comfortable, slim design that makes it perfect for low-leg holster users. The level 2 holster is made of durable materials, such as plastic and metal, and it is designed to provide good privacy for your gun. The blackhawk drop leg holster is available in black and is recommended for use with glock 19 models. this blackhawk drop leg holster for the glock 191922233132rh black firearm is perfect for carrying on the go. This holster comes with our level 3 serpa system that fits the glock 171922233132rh black firearm tightly and allows for easyatted carrying. The blackhawk drop leg holster also features a comfortable fit and level of curvature that keeps your hand comfortable and protected. this is a great drop leg holster for the glock 19. It has two compartments which allow for your gun and holster to stay in place, and the isogrip material helps with stable retention. The blackhawk logo is on the side of the holster. the blackhawk serpa level 3 holster glock 171922233132 black right 430600bk-r is the perfect solution for those with drop leg holster problems. This holster comes in three sizes and offers a great fit for both glock 171922233132 black right 430600bk-r.